Saturday, March 30, 2013

Arena Surface Changeover Time-Lapse

I've always wondered exactly how these work (changing over the arena surface from an afternoon ice hockey game to an evening basketball game), but never thought to look it up online until now.

Duh.  The Tubes have everything.

I did tear-downs and set-ups at the Oregon Convention Center back out in Portland (you would't believe the monstrous mess a major annual flower show can leave behind), but I've never had to change a floor over, between major televised professional sporting events each accommodating two separate (well-)paying audiences of up to 20,000 people, in such a small turnaround time (under three hours).

In fact, I even remember a temp job once, where we'd regularly turn over a mid-sized room in a banquet hall from, say, a daytime corporate event to a late-evening wedding reception.  We had considerably more time than the Wells Fargo Center crew does during a typical changeover, and even then we usually always just made it in under the wire.  And all we had to do was sweep, vacuum (carpeting, ughh), bag trash, rearrange no more than four or five dozen tables, and tweak the stage as required.

Okay, sure, the Wells Fargo Center crew are (hopefully) highly-paid unionized professionals who do this regularly, rather than an ever-changing temp 'team' as we were, but still...

Anyway, yeah.  It's fun to watch, at least in my opinion.  I'm just sad I never got to go to a Sixers game this year.  Probably better that way, though, since I'd like to forget all about this Sixers season as soon as possible.  Wait'll next year.  (And go Flyers!)

Phillies open on Monday.  Welcome back, baseball...

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