Saturday, March 2, 2013

Rockin' Steady...

...unlike SEPTA buses on the 89 route, Arrott TC-bound, which are detoured indefinitely due to a gigantic pothole.  The 89 from York-Dauphin runs to Frankford down Front, makes a left onto Norris, then runs along its regular route, and will do so for at least another month.

There's something to be said for this, but I'm not quite sure exactly what.  Anyway, don't wait for the 89 along Dauphin's usual stops west of Frankford, or at Frankford & Dauphin or Frankford & Susquehanna. Because the bus ain't coming there until April.

But these guys have a great song.  Also, comical suits and fantastic neckwear.  The 80s were truly incredible, weren't they?

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